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Section II : Policy, Governance, and Legal Responses

Section II on “Policy, Governance, and Legal Responses” chronicles the major changes in national preparedness policy, counterterrorism legislation, and efforts to prosecute the financing of terrorism since September of 2001. The section addresses the evolution of federal intelligence information sharing policy and initiatives in this area. The section also describes a critical gap in US homeland security—the lack of policy governing information sharing planning (ISP)—a policy needed to motivate agencies to develop documented information-sharing protocols vital to enhance cross-organizational integration and operational coordination, and support performance improvement and governance.

Introduction to Section II

David Kamien

Chapter 6—Homeland Security’s National Strategic Position: Goals, Objectives, Measures, and Assessment
Sharon Caudle
Chapter 7—Prosecuting the Financiers of Terrorism
Sharon Caudle
Chapter 8—Counterterrorism Legislation
Michael Kraft & Brent Davidson
Chapter 9—Intelligency and Information Sharing for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism
Christian Beckner
Chapter 10—Information Sharing Planning Policy to Support Homeland Security Missions
David Kamien