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Section XI : International Challenges and Approaches

Section XI on “International Challenges and Approaches” emphasizes the importance of comparative analysis and covers counterterrorism policy in the European Union and India, Sweden’s approach to whole-of-society disaster resilience, Chile’s response to the 2010 earthquake and tsunami, the Fukushima Nuclear disaster in Japan, and the status of global commitment to disaster risk management under the United Nations’ Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA).

Introduction to Section XI

David Kamien

Chapter 49—The Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA)
Margareta Wahlstrom
Chapter 50—International Approaches to Homeland Security
Nadav Morag
Chapter 51—ISO Security Management Standards
Charles H. Piersall
Chapter 52—Why Fukishima was Preventable
James Acton & Mark Hibbs
Chapter 53—Whole-of-Society Disaster Resilience: The Swedish Way
Helena Lindberg & Bengt Sundelius
Chapter 54—Evolution of Counterterrorism in India
R.V. Raju
Chapter 55—156 Chileans Dead: How the Impact of the 2010 Tsunami Could Have Been Minimized
Nick Lavars
Chapter 56—International Cooperation in Counterterrorism
Gilles De Kerchove